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Client: Passerinvest Group, UniCredit Bank

Location: Filadelfie tower, Prague. HQ of Passerinvest Group and HQ of UniCredit Bank in central Europe.

Client’s brief:

Using projection with an emphasis on artistic content to enlighten a newly remodeled reception area. Utilizing the wall behind the reception as the main projection area, the system must be fully automated and allow remote access to edit or add content.

There should be unique content for each part of the day. The visual communication style should be subtle and formal.


We installed decorative foil cut in the shape of the reception and installed it on the wall. That allowed us to create a projection-suitable surface and the shape limited the projection so it won’t shine on the receptionists.

When creating the video content we wanted to connect it with the different color spectrum you experience at different times of the day. Video loops are in rotation with static photographs of Prague taken at the same time of day and year. We also added welcome animations at each half-hour and top of the hour for the visitors waiting for their meetings.