David Pacult (dip)

His persistent deadlines, accuracy, knowledge of known resolutions, data processing, and understanding of the overall video formatting alchemy is making us question how we can stand him… But we love him anyway and nobody else would do it.

He also animates the abstract concepts for our creations…whatever that means, he’s on it!

Jan Drozda (Honza)

The captain who steers our starship towards a bright future. He constantly ditches our mutiny attempts for pushing the engines to the max. But without him, we may also just stall out.

They also say he is a talented director, animator, composer, art creator…talented bastard!

Tomáš Brus (Tomas)

A fast, precise, strong yet refined negotiator. He may look harmless, but he is a perfectly capable pain in the ass. He’s able to take the ideas on the table and find the most suitable solution for everyone.

He loves technology and business… they say we need that, too.

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